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    <::|Month Long Service Report Archive|::>


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    <::|Month Long Service Report Archive|::> Empty <::|Month Long Service Report Archive|::>

    Post by Kehmicle on Fri Jul 04, 2014 2:19 pm

    <:Recorded Transmission Displaying:>

    <:: Hello. This is the first report to the nexus database made by the completed MPF.I17-GHOST.EpU.JOLT. These are the compiled logs made by a unit who requested me to co-sign their service reports. ::>

    MPF-I17.APEX.05.234's Service Log

    Note: Event's could be a month Old Current date:14/02/16
    Found an Apartment full of contraband Ranging from Weapons to food to other Materials then Detained and Amputated Anti-Citizens with help from a JUDGE.
    Detained and Amputated with help from a Reaper 2 Males Who had tried trespassing in the Nexus and Picked Up weapons from a downed Officer.
    Did job Of a helix to a fellow Unit after they had been attacked by a Necrotic and Preformed first aid on broken bones.

    MPF-I17.APEX.05.234's Service log CONTINUED

    Helped Kill Necrotic's with Other Units and then Preformed First aid along with another Officer on a Helix that was Coming close to becoming a Necrotic

    Flare gun: As an MPF I have needed backup before and Sometimes I have noticed units on the wrong radio channel and we have no long distance communication also rebels could get a hold of the Frequency. Perhaps it could be issued to all units it would be simple aim up and fire the flare misude could result in punishment. Also could be used as a last resort against people.
    sincerely MPF.I17.APEX.05.234

    <:: | CO-Signed by MPF.I17-GHOST.EpU.JOLT | ::>

    <::Transmission End::>

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