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    <::MPF Radio Codes>


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    <::MPF Radio Codes> Empty <::MPF Radio Codes>

    Post by ZombieWolfGamer on Tue Apr 29, 2014 8:07 pm

    <::MPF Radio Codes::>

    10-0 Use Caution
    10-2 No/Negative/No can do
    10-3 Stop Transmitting / STFU
    10-4 ok/Copy that/Rodger
    10-6 Busy
    10-7 Off Duty
    10-8 On Duty
    10-9 Repeat last message
    10-16 Pick up prisoner
    10-18 ASAP
    10-19 Return to Nexus
    10-20 Your location
    10-22 Cancel last message
    10-23 Stand by
    10-24 All units return to nexus/ emergency
    10-29 Check for contraband
    10-30 Against Rules
    10-33 Don't transmit unless necessary
    10-50 Commencing patrol
    10-51 Get back on patrol, unit!
    10-54 Retreat
    10-78 Send Medical Help
    10-79 Send Overwatch
    10-93 Good Work
    10-103 Disturbance
    10-103m Mentally Unfit
    10-106 Obscenity
    10-107 Suspicious person
    10-108 Officer down or Officer needs assistance
    10-112 Impersonating an officer
    11-7 Stalker
    11-15 Gathering in Street
    11-17 Fight
    11-18 Accident
    11-19 Begging
    11-21 Robbery
    11-22 Contraband
    11-23 Contraband Distribution
    11-41 Request Medical Help
    11-45 Attempted suicide
    11-47 Injured Person
    11-48 Assault
    11-49 Shooting
    11-70 Fire
    11-71 Explosion / Bomb
    11-73 Riot
    11-99 Officer needs Help/Emergency
    ADW - Assault with a deadly weapon.
    BOL - Be on the lookout.
    DB - Dead body.
    UTL - Unable to locate.
    OID - Officer in Distress
    POI - Point of Interest
    Necrotic - Zombie.
    Parasitic - Headcrab.
    Infestation - Danger-Level parasite activity.
    Biotic - Vortigaunt
    Anti-Citizen - Criminal/Rule Breaker
    Infected - Mutated (e.g, Zombie Corpse(s), Poisonous Zombies)
    Exogen - Antlion.
    Virome - Poisonous/New-Generation Head-Crab(s)
    Malignant - Danger-Level Red, Contagious individual
    Viscerator - Manhack
    Restrictor - Thumper
    Bouncer - Grenade
    Outland - Foreign
    Isolate - Remove naturalised individual from the populance.
    Neutralise - Kill a specific target
    Clamp - Secure POI (Point of Interest)
    Administer - Initiate a certain order(s)
    Enforce - Maintain sociostability level
    Sociostability - Peace
    Socioside - Attempted disruption of the established social order
    Unrest - Riot or rebellion
    Pacify - Handle a situation by non-lethal measures
    Amputate - To execute or kill
    Sterilize - Clear up a situation through lethal measures
    Diagnose - Determine threat level and situation
    Innoculate - To protect or safeguard from a threatRestrict - Prevent access to that area or position
    Examine - If applied to an organic entity such as a citizen, pat-down or frisk
    Biosignal - Life monitoring or signs of life. Also a system in suits that monitors heart beats
    Inject or Deploy - Teams assemble at designated rally points
    Contain - Prevent forces or situation from spreading beyond its current location
    UPA - Unlawful Procreative Activity; Engaging in or attempted intercourse.
    Expose - Flush suspects or situation out from covering structure
    Stand By - Await orders
    Intercede - Directly control or mediate key enemy activity
    Extract - Evacuate
    Clear - Area stable
    Breach - Remove obstacle or defenses, sterilize location
    Stabilize - Restore order through any means required verbally or otherwise
    Prosecute - Administer ordered citationAmputate - Execute or destroySterilize - Clear up situation or area and establish typical sociostability, usually through lethal means
    Contact - Hostile individuals spotted
    Line - Form solid defense
    Hold - Maintain position or location defensively immediately
    Deserviced - Unit deceased or out of action
    Holding - Guarding POI (Point of Interest)
    In position - Ready to perform duty(s)

    Outbreak - Last remaining unit alive in a squadron
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    <::MPF Radio Codes> Empty Re: <::MPF Radio Codes>

    Post by Noobish Alworkshop on Wed Apr 30, 2014 10:29 pm

    Stickied. and Locked.
    I just changed a couple codes that were out of place.
    Great work posting this.

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