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    Aqscout's Vort Application


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    Aqscout's Vort Application  Empty Aqscout's Vort Application

    Post by TehScout on Wed Apr 30, 2014 6:34 pm

    OOC Information:

    Steam Name: Aqscout

    Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:56504725

    What country do you live in: Canada

    How long have you been playing on RP servers?: Around 6-8 months now.

    How long have you been playing on OUR server?: Not long.

    IC Information

    Explain your backstory (4-5 SENTENCES, 3 MINIMUM PARAGRAPHS):
    Zu’Laah was born on Xen, he was in a tribe he didn’t quite know the name of. They were nice to him though, they welcomed people to their tribe, Zu’Laah was adventures for his young age, he would always go out with his friends or people from his tribe. Zu’Laah still young, he began to learn about his vortessence he would sometimes practice it on rocks, anything really. Until one day, portals were scattered across his planet he didn’t know what they did, but his curiosity took over, he jumped into the portal Zu’Laah was scared, he closed his eyes shortly after entering, when he opened his eyes he found himself on a strange planet in the middle of nowhere. Zu’Laah was still young, he had never been far away from his tribe. He was scared, defenseless and hungry he looked around his new surroundings, he saw a little shack that would provide him enough shelter. He would kill smaller animals for food, stuff like birds and squirrels still practicing his vortessence more and more, he actually started to get a hand of it.Zu’Laah didn’t have a bed he slept on the hard, cold ground for days, that turned into months, that turned into years.

    One night he heard running and yelling in weird voices, he didn’t dare look out. He tried to get more sleep, until he heard banging at his door. In no time the door was broken and tall suited people were standing at his door step. One of this hit Zu’Laah with the end of his weapon a couple times, knocking him out. When he awoke he had chains on him, and was in a cell. It was dark most of the times until one person would rarely open the door to give him work. Zu’Laah managed to figure out a couple of words in English, Zu’Laah was enslaved for what felt like years, until he heard screaming and yelling from outside. He saw someone run by, so he followed him for as long as he could.. Zu’Laah had managed to escape to the Outlands. He began living his new life. Someone had found him and taken off his chains, Zu’Laah stretched, he was finally free, he began to live a more normal life, dodging patrols and even people who want to kill him. Zu’Laah has seen other vorts of his kind of here in the Outlands, he didn’t have many friends so for now, he just kept out of their way. He became friends with a few travelers, Zu’Laah helped them, he protected them and even helped them get food. Zu’Laah was wanted dead by people for killing people that had attacked his friends, he didn’t know he was doing anything wrong in the slightest, he was just doing what he thought was right. Zu’Laah was still curious he would explore a lot of new places, meet a lot of new people, and even help people against patrols. Zu’Laah was called ‘friend’ by many people he also called them ‘friend’, he didn’t really have many so he was extremely happy to hear he had real friends. Although they had different kind of foods, he continued to feed off the wildlife, he would charge his vortessence, muttering words in vortessence Zu’Laah would fire his vortessence killing wildlife, then feeding on them. Zu’Laah liked the habits he had, the people he knew, everything was ‘perfect’ in his mind really although there was a person way back in his head saying "It is far from over." Zu'Laah ignored that though he would continue like he would everyday, Zu'Laah didn't think anything different. One night he fell asleep for what seemed like two minutes until he heard the window break...

    Zu'Laah was back where he started, back where he never wanted to be again. Zu'Laah had been captured once more by the Civil Protection, once more Zu'Laah had chains on his wrists and ankles, and once more they forced him to clean places and do their work. Zu'Laah never liked how they treated him, he hated the Civil Protection he would kill them if he could, the only reason Zu'Laah doesn't is because he knows he will die. Zu'Laah obeys the Civil Protection seeing as that is his only way of survival at this point, Zu'Laah dreams every night of being back in the Outlands with his friends, every night he wonders if they have noticed he is missing, or are they too caught up their own business to see. Zu'Laah sees rebels causing commotions, killing people, and Zu'Laah will even hear the odd sound of many boots running outside his cell, he awaits the day someone will try to rescue him. Zu'Laah tries to hold his sanity as much as he can while with an officer, although he knows one day he will snap seeing as he couldn't control his anger that much. Once again Zu'Laah hears the voice in the back of his head saying "Just wait it out, don't do anything stupid." Zu'Laah listens to the voice, he grits his teeth and carries on throughout the day when he is with an officer.

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    Noobish Alworkshop
    Noobish Alworkshop
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    Aqscout's Vort Application  Empty Things to fix

    Post by Noobish Alworkshop on Wed Apr 30, 2014 8:59 pm

    1)Vorts all start enslaved on our server. You must escape ICly
    2)You need THREE paragraphs
    3)Other than that good app
    Noobish Alworkshop
    Noobish Alworkshop
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    Aqscout's Vort Application  Empty Re: Aqscout's Vort Application

    Post by Noobish Alworkshop on Wed Apr 30, 2014 10:35 pm

    Since the rest of the community doesn't know you that well, I will take the liberty of finally reviewing this app.
    1)Great effort
    2)Great App
    3)Great person
    4)Great Rp'er

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    Aqscout's Vort Application  Empty Re: Aqscout's Vort Application

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