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    <::MPF Field Guide>

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    <::MPF Field Guide> Empty <::MPF Field Guide>

    Post by Noobish Alworkshop on Thu May 01, 2014 8:20 pm

    <:Greeting's unit, this guide is focused on the regulations of the Universal Union. We are professionals are what we do and we will always show it in the eye of the public.
    <:Reminder, do not spread anything out of this guide that could be used against the Union, never show it to the public, if so, there will be strict punishment. "Loose lips, sink ships."

    <::Unit Punishments::>
    Reminder to the unit, we are a extremely professional team, breaking any of our rules will mean a punishment.
    -Physical Punishment
    -The unit can be punished to Physical abuse.
    -Demotion Punishment
    -The unit can be demoted from a rank or position.
    -Black mark Punishment
    -The unit will receive a single black mark.
    -Labor Punishment
    -The unit will be taken out of field and forced to work inside the nexus.
    -Off-world assignment
    -The most extreme punishment, only decided by the Sectoral.

    Though you have more freedom than a normal Citizen, you will still be required to follow professional conduct, breaking these regulations will be acted upon quickly with a Demotion or a Black mark.

    <:Issued equipment
    Uniform regulations are strict and you "WILL" follow them to keep the professional looks of the Union, failure to follow these regulations will meet with a official punishment. Your issued equipment varies throughout your rank growth, here is the basics.
    (Universal Union issued uniform
    (Issued UU-Approved Face mask
    (Issue field radio (Channel will be given after completion of BT)
    (Fitting field boot(s)
    (Electric-Issue Baton
    (Issued side-arm, caliber of 9mm
    (Side-arm holster, matching the firearm
    (Adjustable web belt
    (Zip-tie nylon pouch
    (Side-arm magazine nylon pouch
    (Union approved sock(s)
    (City and position armband
    (Issue field guide
    Notice : These can be replaced and filled by the Armory Officer.

    <:Uniform Regulations

    Your trousers will be tucked away in your boots, boots will be polished and shinned, your undershirt will be tucked into your trousers, you blouse will be fully buckled, rolling you blouse sleeves are NOT allowed, your boots will be laced all the way to the brim of the boot itself, notice boots are steel toed, your issued armband will be worn on the right arm two inches below the shoulder, your issue web belt will be worm above your hips, clipped at all times will be your radio, stun baton, sidearm, zip-tie pouch, and keys. Your Kevlar will me worn over your blouse, tightly but confront able at all times, your hood will be raised on the back of your head, covering the back part of your head, you field mask will be worn at all times, and locked in place, voice coders will be on when in the field.
    Notice: Mask are only be required when in the field or near Detainment.

    <:Hair Regulations

    -Male Hair Standards
    Male haircuts will conform to certain standards. The hair on top of the head must be neatly groomed. The length and bulk of the hair may not be excessive or present a ragged, unkempt, or extreme appearance. The hair must present a tapered appearance. A tapered appearance is one where the outline of the soldier's hair conforms to the shape of the head, curving inward to the natural termination point at the base of the neck. The hair will not fall over the ears or eyebrows, or touch the collar, except for the closely cut hair at the back of the neck. The block-cut fullness in the back is permitted to a moderate degree, as long as the tapered look is maintained.

    -Female Hair Standards
    Female units will ensure their hair is neatly groomed, that the length and bulk of the hair are not excessive, and that the hair does not present a ragged, unkempt, or extreme appearance. Likewise, trendy styles that result in shaved portions of the scalp (other than the neckline) or designs cut into the hair are prohibited. Females may wear braids and cornrows as long as the braided style is conservative, the braids and cornrows lie snugly on the head, and any holding devices comply with the standards. Dreadlocks (unkempt, twisted, matted individual parts of hair) are prohibited in uniform or in civilian clothes on duty. Hair will not fall over the eyebrows or extend below the bottom edge of the collar at any time during normal activity or when standing in formation. Long hair that falls naturally below the bottom edge of the collar, to include braids, will be neatly and inconspicuously fastened or pinned, so no free-hanging hair is visible.

    Patrolling is one of the main tactics used by most cities of today, following along with patrolling, there are certain regulations you will be required to followed. Reminder that patrolling alone is NOT recommended, you should have someone with you always when outside of the nexus, in certain times you will be required to bring a battle buddy with you. You must patrol with your stun baton out and sidearm holstered, you only use your sidearm if needed. Remember to keep your professional bearings when in the public and follow the orders of your superiors.

    <::Detainment Procedure::>
    By now you would of met interesting people, some loyal, others needing guidance, this means detaining and letting them sit out their sentience.
    First off, before you approach the "Criminal", take a moment to look around and scan the area for any I.O.I (Objects of interest): meaning to scan the sector for anything that can or will harm yourself or you buddy, such as, more than one person, weapons, or even for evidence. Once you see the area is clear, talk to the P.O.I (Person of interest), and ask them to face the wall, if they refuse, do NOT be afraid to use force, just remember to be professional, after three warnings and if they still continue to refuse, use your stun baton and force them, do not be afraid to show your dominance, after that you will tie them (//Remember to ask them LOOCly if they resist) After you tie them, hopefully without and resistance, search them for contraband, if they do not have any, finish what you were doing and let them go/bring them in. If you happen to bring them in, remember to knock them out before hand just so they can't remember the lay out of the nexus, do NOT unit them for any reason unless told to by a high command unit.
    Reminder : Do not forget to fill out data (// The command is /viewdata name)


    <:Low level contraband
    These items cannot, and will not cause any damage to any other citizen in the city. Ff you are caught with any of these items, you will receive a Violation Level 2, 3 Anti-Citizen Points, 2 Jail Cycles, and a re-education.

    These Items Include:
    -Food not found from Rations/Vending Machines
    -Health Vials
    -Spray Cans
    -More than 5 Paracetaols

    <:High level contraband
    These items could be deadly if used in the right way. Having possesion of these items will grant you a Violation Level 3, 3 Anti-Citizen points, 4 Jail Cycles, and a re-education. These items inlcude:
    -Radios (Stationary or Handheld)
    -Health Kits
    -Low Caliber Ammunition (9mm, SMG, etc.)

    <:Lethal level contraband
    These items are lethal both to the Civil Protection, and Citizens. If you have these items, it is best to have an area of storage for these items. If you are caught with these items, you will receive A level 5 Violation, 12 Anti-Citizen Points, and jail until a JUDGE unit can be on duty for your amputation. These items include:
    -Weaponry of all kinds
    -Grenades of all kinds
    -High Caliber ammunition (RPGs, Crossbows, etc.)

    <::Crimes and Punishments::>

    <:Level 1:
    - Running.
    - Jumping.
    - Climbing.
    - Yelling.
    - General uncivil behavior. (EG. Crouch-walking)
    - Possession of level 1 contraband.
    - Loitering. (Standing doing nothing)

    - Punished with re-education (Contraband is punished with one point)

    <:Level 2:

    - Swearing.
    - Discriminating another citizen.
    - Talking to a Civil Protection officer without orders.
    - Commiting a level 1 violations right after or shortly after a warning.
    - Possession of contraband level 2.
    - Wasting an officer’s time.
    - Not speaking an official language.

    - Punished with 1 point and re-education (Contraband is punished with 5 minutes detention)

    <:Level 3:

    - Trespassing on non-owned property such as a store.
    - Possession of level 3 contraband.
    - Failure to apply.
    - Failure to report a crime. (In-action)
    - Not following Civil Protections orders.
    - Theft.

    - Punished with 2 points, 5 minutes on detention and re-education.

    <:Level 4:

    -Trespassing on Combine owned property.
    - Stealing tokens.
    - Direct unit harassment. (verbal)
    - Fighting. (with other citizens, if a priority citizen is attacked it is counted as policide)
    - Possession of level 4 contraband.
    - Tampering with unconscious or deceased bodies.
    - Resisting arrest and/or questioning.
    - Property Vandalism.

    - Punished with 4 points, re-education and 10 minutes detention.

    <:Level 5:

    - Direct unit harassment. (i.e. spitting, throwing cans.)
    - Attempted Policide. (i.e. punching. Assault on a Civil Protection unit)
    - Propaganda (light and not in favor of the combine)
    - Ignoring lock down of city blocks or entire city.
    - Lying on interrogation.
    - Holding a Citizen or Unit hostage.
    - Robbery
    - Public Displays of Affection (or attempted, I.E. flirting)
    - Not using authorized citizen clothing. (Not Civil Workers)

    <::Level 6:

    - Trespassing inside the Nexus.
    - UPA. (Unauthorized Procreative Activity)
    - Level 5 contraband possession.
    - Rebel conspiracy. (without physical evidence)
    - Combine property vandalism.
    - Mental imperfection.
    - Homicide. (murdering a citizen)
    - Policide. (Murder of a Civil Protection unit)
    - Attempted patricide. (Assaulting a UU Official)
    - Over twelve criminal points
    - Lethal contraband possession.
    - Patricide (Murder of a Union Official)
    - Trespassing in City Administrator's office.

    - Punished with amputation.

    <::Unauthorized Procreative Activity::>
    During your person time in service, you will work with the opposite gender, let it be male or female, remember this, there is a Zero tolerance for U.P.A (Unauthorized Procreative Activity) i.e sexual interaction, kissing, holding hands. The punishment is welding, or removing the genitalia of the unit, this rule is enforced.
    <::This concludes the issued field guide, do not let us down, unit.

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