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    CWU guide to life

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    CWU guide to life Empty CWU guide to life

    Post by Noobish Alworkshop on Thu May 01, 2014 10:27 pm

    Universal Price List

    Attached here is a default price list to sell items as.
    You may edit the prices to whatever you see fit. Just don't make them ridiculous

    Universal Union Stock Prices ----------

    Smooth Breen's Water: 12 Tokens.
    Breen's Water: 10 Tokens.
    Soda: 12 Tokens.
    Chinese Takeout: 8 Tokens.
    Melon: 8 Tokens.
    Milk Jug: 8 Tokens.
    Milk Carton: 8 Tokens.
    Vortigaunt Anatomy: 10 Tokens.
    The Cat Stagler: 8 Tokens.
    Antlion Anatomy: 6 Tokens.
    Barnicle Anatomy: 6 Tokens.
    Communitys: 6 Tokens.
    Fast Headcrab Anatomy: 6 Tokens.
    Little Reds: 6 Tokens.
    Poisen Headcrab Anatomy: 6 Tokens.
    Zen Of The Union: 6 Tokens.
    Notepad: 5 Tokens.
    Pins: 3 Tokens.
    Paper: 2 Tokens.
    Suitcase: 12 Tokens.
    Backpack: 25 Tokens
    Request Device: 15 tokens.
    Flashlight: 20 tokens
    Please post these prices in your store!

    Human Resources - Also known as HR are basically people who are 'Inspectors' making sure the quality of work is right. They will always be asking workers questions and making sure they are still loyal to the Union. They will always report back to the director about any issues.


    The medical team consists of many people will different roles. There is doctors and nurses which both have to help citizens in need of medical help.

    Clinical Lead - They are in charge of the entire medical team. They are able to promote and demote Workers in their division.

    Senior Doctor - Senior Doctors are normal Doctors but just have more power over normal Doctors, they do exactly the same as a normal doctor however they are there to ask questions and to make vital decisions.

    Doctor - Doctors are here to examine people who come into the Walk In center. They can prescribe medication and operate on people.

    Nurse - Nurses are more on the care side of the center, they will be making sure the patients are okay. They are able to do basic checkups. But if they want something prescribed they MUST go to a Doctor.


    The marketing team are here for setting up shops round City 18 and selling stuff to citizens.

    Marketing Manager - The marketing manager is in charge of the entire division, they can move peoples ranks around as they wish.

    Store Manager - As there is a lot of stores throughout City 18. 1 CWU worker is assigned to manage a store, they are in charge of employees that work in their store. So they need to make sure everything is running smoothly in their store.

    Store Employee - Store employees are to be on the 'front line' of selling stuff to Citizens, they should always be able to be approached by citizens for questions and information. They will have a store manager who is in charge of them.

    Industrial Workers

    The Industrial workers is an easy division to get into, as you'll mainly be focusing on the City, for example, cleaning places out with Citizens, taking all the trash out to the main dustbins. Also they will be initiating work cycles for Citizens to get Loyalist points.

    Industrial Lead - The Industrial Lead is in charge of the Industrial Workers.

    Industrial Worker - As described in the description of Industrial Workers, they work for the City, helping out, work cycles and cleaning.
    The radio code will be given to all workers by me. If you reveal this code to others you will be severely punished.
    -Joan Gefferson

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