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    MPF RANKS!!!!!


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    MPF RANKS!!!!! Empty MPF RANKS!!!!!

    Post by awsome301 on Sun May 11, 2014 5:51 pm

    NOVA- Patrolling unit/Riot Unit - patrol the streets and keep civility there, and assert authority. Aswell as stoping riots. (During a riot you will be treated as an 01 even if you are not one)
    HELIX - Medical Unit - aid injured units or citizens.
    APEX - Mechanical Unit - repair scanners, choppers, turrets etc. - have access to scanners. (SCN) To get SCN you must be a 03 or higher.
    JUDGE - Interrogation/Torture Unit - delivers verdicts on prisoners, carries out interrogations, access to torturing devices.
    GHOST - Recon Unit - uses a combine sniper (Must reach Oh-One of APEX before applying to SeC)
    DAGGER - Elite Sums Unit - You must be accepted by the DAGGER DvL in order to join

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