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    All Server Rules

    Noobish Alworkshop
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    All Server Rules Empty All Server Rules

    Post by Noobish Alworkshop on Thu Mar 20, 2014 6:01 pm

    These are the general rules. If you do not follow them you may be banned with or without prior warning
    1)No Minging
    2)No Racism
    3)No fighting in chat
    4)While vulgar language is aloud, excessive vulgar language is not (ex: "Ah shit, just died," is acceptable while "Shit motherfucking tittie fuck I just fucking died," is not)
    5)Respect all player and admins
    6)No exploiting or cheating
    7)No threats
    8)All admins must have a mic and must be VERY active on our TS


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    Noobish Alworkshop
    Noobish Alworkshop
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    All Server Rules Empty Roll boosts

    Post by Noobish Alworkshop on Thu Mar 20, 2014 8:08 pm

    We are a rolling server! That means we have to roll to attempt to do actions such as fighting.
    Here are the rolling boosts that MPF receive.
    SeC : +30
    CmD: +25
    DvL: +20
    EpU: +15
    OfC: +10
    03-01: +5

    Here are the rolling boosts that rebels receive
    Leader: +30
    2nd Command: +25
    3rd Command: +20


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    All Server Rules Empty Re: All Server Rules

    Post by ZombieWolfGamer on Thu May 29, 2014 10:22 pm

    EXTRA Rules

    As server owners and admins we reserve the right to ban/kick any player we see fit, for what could be seen as 'No apparent reason', We retain the right to decide what players are best for our servers and if we decide that you are no longer a fit player for our server, you may not be able to return to the server or forums.

    General Rules

    1. No hardcore sexRP, keep it to steam chat.

    2. No spamming or putting harmful links in OOC.

    3. Absolutely NO advertising or face a permanent ban.

    4. General mingery is not allowed

    5. No PunchWhoring (PWing) .

    6. Always show fearRP and painRP when needed.

    7. No metagaming (Using Out of Character (OOC) information for In Character (IC) context)

    8. Racism, sexism and any other bad isms are not allowed and even ICly you must stop if you are offending someone.

    9. No mingegrabbing.

    10. Roll must always be used unless both parties agree to P2L

    11. All characters must have an appropriate name and physical description.

    12. Use S2M and S2K appropriately in different situations.

    13. There must be 4+ MPF units online for you to be able to mug (this excludes RCTs).

    14. RebelRP in the plaza is EXTREMELY limited.

    15. No Random DeathMatching (RDMing).

    16. No player/staff disrespect

    17. Keep negative comments about another player or staff member to yourself, and if you feel you have to criticize something, do it nicely and constructively.

    18. Use your common sense, not all rules can be stated and some are implied.

    Forum Rules

    1. No spamming

    2. No flaming other people on the forums.

    3. No necroposting.

    4. No double-posting

    5. NO PORN.

    6. No shitposting (If you want a higher post count, earn it).

    7. Post with a purpose (unless in spam section).

    8. Treat all posters with respect

    MPF Rules

    1. Stick to your loadout according to your rank otherwise it is considered FailRP.

    2. No item transferring or face dewhitelistment.

    3. You are only permitted to go rogue with permission from an SA+.

    4. You MUST fearRP higher ranks depending on your unit’s rank

    5. All units in high command MUST also have a ground unit (05-01)

    6. Metagaming the radio frequency for other characters will result in a loss of whitelist..

    Citizen Rules

    1. You are a malnourished citizen under the dictatorship of the Combine, fear them.

    2. You MUST painRP.

    3. Understand that RP is not about collecting items.

    4. If you manage to get your hands on a firearm, you must use it according to your experience with it. If your character does not know how to use the firearm, RP that they don’t know.

    5. Citizen’s are unable to use Pulse Rifles.

    Staff Rules

    1. If observer mode is abused frequently then you will face demotion.

    2. Do not abuse your powers in any way.

    3. Do not spawn any random items in for your personal gain.

    4. Just because you are staff does NOT mean that you are better than any other player. You WILL be faced with the same punishments as any other player.

    5. If you are deemed as a poor staff member you will lose your rank as staff.

    6. No bitching within the staff team. If you personally don’t like someone then keep it to yourself, or discuss it peacefully between each other.

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