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    Keypilot's MPF Application


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    Keypilot's MPF Application Empty Keypilot's MPF Application

    Post by Keypilot on Sat May 31, 2014 9:15 pm

    OOC Information:

    Steam Name:[GG]Keypilot

    Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:65178943

    What country do you live in:USA

    How old are you:15

    What is your time zone (USE GMT + or -):EST

    What do you think we expect from you in the MPF (OOCly): Mature Behavoir, Work to my best abbilites, and for me to respect not only higher rankings, but my peirs aswell.

    Any roleplay experience in the MPF from previous servers, if so, what ranks?: Union 05-DVL, Apex DVL, Grid EPU-DVL, Judge 02-SqL Helix 04-DVL (I have been on alot of Servers, and I have been moved around on one multiple times)

    What has been your favorite RP scenario on our server?:Being invited and trained for the Red Hands

    Give a roleplay example between a group of MPF memebrs:
    Union Radios:
    "Unit is on-duty, 10-8."
    Grid 02 Radios:
    "Requesting assistance at my 10-20, code 2."
    Union 03 Radios:
    "Copy, inbound."

    Give a roleplay example between a MPF member and an anti-citizen:
    Union 03 Rasies her pistol, pointing it at the man, Yelling "Get against the wall, Now!
    *Citizen* is startled, putting his hands up
    Union 03 yells, "Now! Against the wall!"
    *Citizen* Slightly Shaking, nods and does so, spreading his legs shoulder length and placing his palms against the wall, spread apart.
    Union 03 slowly approaches the man, her pistol still raised.
    Union 03 attempts to tie the man (Resist?)
    *Citizen* Doesn't resist, accepting the ties
    Union 03 ties the citizen, and reaches for her radio
    Union 03 Radios "Suspect Detained, Orders?"

    Do you agree that if you are told to stop playing as your MPF character when told, and move to citizen or vice versa, you must do it or you will be unwhitelisted?(When you agree, it means you agree without question):Yes, unless im in the middle of Role play, if so I would kindly ask if I would be able to stay on alittle longer to finish up

    Do you understand that the MPF is a disciplined organisation and it will require you to remain mature and disciplined OOCly and ICly while flagged up on the MPF?: Yes, I do understand and respect it

    Do you understand that the MPF follows a chain of command and will require all units to obey their superiors (includes admins) OOCly and ICly while flagged up and strictly follow the chain of command?: Yes, I understand, I have played servers very much like this one, I understand most of the rules, But I will still listen to yours for any differences

    What is your character's backstory (3 Paragraphs minimum):Tom Kasinski was an interesting kid when he was little. His father's name was Jerry Jones Kasinski and his mother's name was Lilly Chestnut Kasinski. He had light asthma but it slowly faded away. He was always interested in the great wars and the military along with "Aliens". Then something tragic happened, when he was only 8 he saw his dad murder his mother. That day messed him up and he didn't know what to do. When he was 13 his father died from a heart attack. After that he had to live with his grandparents in New york. He met a girl named Promise Brooks and he started dating her in school. The relationship didn't get very far though since people were always talking about his poor grandparents and his dead mom and dad. Promise decided she didn't want to be with someone like him and they separated. When he was 18, he graduated and since he wasn't experienced in any kind of job and he had no college degree, he decided to get a job at a factory making metal sheets. He was getting payed minimum wage and could barely afford his small apartment he lived in. He was getting money from his grandparents but they couldn't give him that much because they were in the very poor range of wealth. His grandparents got sick and then shortly after that, something devistating happened.

    Weird storms were happening and they called them Portal Storms. He took refuge in the factory and stayed in there for days. One day while he was sitting in the factory he heard strange noises outside. He thought the noises were just the noises of the Portal Storm's and Xen Creatures. He looked outside and saw something horrible, people being killed and "Alien" like soldiers coming out of crafts. The Combine came and slaughtered all the people working there....Except him. He was hiding during the 7 Hour war to avoid being killed. The war seemed like 7 days rather then 7 hours to him. The 7 Hour war finally ended but in a defeat, Tom was devastated knowing what a terrible situation he was in. He was on the run for a few days hearing the small battles of the resistance after the 7 hour war. His family was dead as far as he knew since he never actually saw them again during the 7 hour war or after. He kept eating out of garbage cans and kept running from everyone, even citizens. The Combine Eventually caught him and they beat him severely. He feared for his life and they were always talking about amputating him and killing him. One notable beating left him unconscious for a few hours. After beating him and holding him in prison for a few months they relocated him to City 18, he didn't resist.

    After getting to City 18 he decided to get herself a job. He decided he was going to get a job In the union. He successfully got a job there and got himself some money. One day while he was working in a Union factory he got in a fight with another worker and it ended with him and the worker getting kicked out. Since he had been saving up he decided to get an apartment and was able to live in a home. He got into lots of fights with Citizen's over rations and money. Because of lot's of complaint's he was kicked out from his apartment and thrown on the streets again. He decided that his life of hatred and fighting had to end and he had to start a new life. He decided to become a Honest man and start a new chapter in his life without violence and hatred. One day he walked into a shop and he met a man names Jerry Finnigan. While they were talking in the shop a drunk man, which Tom never got the mans name, walked into the shop and he started a fight. Tom fought the drunk man and he saved that shop that day. He became friends with the shop owner, Jerry Finnigan. Jerry told him he should join the Civil Protection and Tom decided maybe he should. A few days later he heard that Jerry had died when a group of people came into his shop and robbed him. The robbers pulled out a gun, put it between Jerry's eyes, and pulled the trigger. Tom was furious inside and yet he was also sad. He remembered what Jerry had said. He got a Civil Protection application sheet, and He started filling it out.....

    How long have you been playing on serious RP servers?: About a week.

    How long have you been playing on OUR server: About a Week.


    IC Information:

    Name: Tom Kasinski
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Hair Color: Brown
    Weight: 204 lbs
    Height: 5"11
    Eye Colour: Blue
    Ethnicity(Skin Colour): Caucasian
    Distinguishable Features(Scars etc...): Scar along left eye


    Have you ever been arrested by the MPF? If so, why?: I have not been arrested

    Explain your reason for joining the MPF: Better living conditions and I've seen many things I could've prevented as a Civil Protection Officer, i wish to prevent anything further that is against the Union

    What do you expect to gain from joining the MPF?: Battle Expericence, better living conditions,and Respect from others.

    What are your strong points?(Experiences): I am average at medical treatment and i'm fairly strong

    What are your weak points? I fear death and I would be easily threatened by people with higher power

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    Keypilot's MPF Application Empty Re: Keypilot's MPF Application

    Post by Shadowfire3756 on Sat May 31, 2014 10:00 pm

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    Keypilot's MPF Application Empty Re: Keypilot's MPF Application

    Post by Zacalog on Sun Jun 22, 2014 4:17 pm

    Great work on this, I like the backstory, and you've been with the server for a while.
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    Post by General cupcake on Thu Jun 26, 2014 3:47 pm

    I am also gonna sign up. I love the backstory.

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