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    Sentinel Program Empty Sentinel Program

    Post by Detoxen on Fri Jun 06, 2014 8:24 am

    Why do you want to make this group?: Many of the rebellion groups focus on boom boom freedom, guns woooooooooo yay. However, Sentinel is a private group made up of Hackers, encrypters/decrypters, and anything that has to do with a computer

    What is the purpose of this group?: This group is meant to be different than the norm of HL2:RP, The Sentinel Program while is hired as a private hacking division is also fighting for their own benefits, such as hijacking scanners, force field, and almost any combine technology (EXCLUDING extremely advanced things such as striders, the NEXUS AI (dispatch), etc.)

    Friendly, unless hired to do so otherwise or is provoked by third-party threats.

    [EXTRA]: Any actions of the group hacking will only occur under an staff members observation and will not be an extreme action (Such as deactivating the City's entire light system for example)

    Open spots

    Director: "Cerberus"

    Hacking Control Team (Meaning you will be stationed at our "base" rather than being on the field):

    Field Team Leader: (Jack) "Shiver" (Hammer)

    "Hacking" Field Team (The opposite of the "Hacking" Control Team.)

    When these positions are filled more will open!

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