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    Mag's MPF Application.


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    Mag's MPF Application. Empty Mag's MPF Application.

    Post by maggots10 on Tue Jun 10, 2014 2:00 am

    OOC Information

    Steam Name: Mags

    Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:23674649

    What country do you live in: Germany.

    How old are you: 20

    What is your time zone (USE GMT + or -):  (UTC+01:00)

    What do you think we expect from you in the MPF (OOCly): To be a good listener and not OOC all the time wich I am IC All the time except OOC if needed.

    Any roleplay experience in the MPF from previous servers, if so, what ranks?: I have been roleplaying for about over a year, I have an OTA And a 01 Jury.

    What has been your favorite RP scenario on our server?: I haven't really encountered any of that yet. Most of the time people are OOC, using Pills.

    Give a roleplay example between a group of MPF memebrs:
    /me Would stand up straight hands at his side waiting for the DvL to give out his orders.
    DvL: Recruit!
    /me would stand still saying nervously, "Y-yes sir?"
    DvL: Why haven't you saluted me?
    /me would then click his heels turning them to an angle raising his right arm up making his hand flat would bring the hand up to his forehead saluting the DvL.

    Give a roleplay example between a MPF member and an anti-citizen:
    AC:/me would go and hide behind the stone barricade, readying himself as he pulls out a grenade from his backpack.

    MPF:/me would move over to the hardpoint, Clamping the Hard point.

    AC: /me would pull the pin as his eyes widen quicky throwing the grenade, not saying anything.

    AC: /me would run from cover and go back into the slums.

    Do you agree that if you are told to stop playing as your MPF character when told, and move to citizen or vice versa, you must do it or you will be unwhitelisted?(When you agree, it means you agree without question): Yes I will flag down when told to.

    Do you understand that the MPF is a disciplined organisation and it will require you to remain mature and disciplined OOCly and ICly while flagged up on the MPF?: I am mature IC and OOC, there is no worry.

    Do you understand that the MPF follows a chain of command and will require all units to obey their superiors (includes admins) OOCly and ICly while flagged up and strictly follow the chain of command?: Yes, I understand.

    What is your character's backstory (3 Paragraphs minimum): * I had to edit all the he stuff to a girl as my chars a girl* Character Backstory: Sara was born in Chicago,IL in 1990. Sarah was a worker at Six Flags and she worked very hard to support her family as her mother has died and she never really had a father.
    Sara was a poor kid and worked for money to give to her grandparents and was a hard working Woman who never really liked a guy for who he is as they were all negative to her. In 2001 Sara finally got promoted to Assistant manager at the Six Flags she had been working at.
    She finally made something of herself and she was happy and worked on. In 2002 the combine had invaded earth and Sara was at home at the time the combine came, Sara's grandparents died on the way to the one of the citys they had built
    for the citizens. When that happend Sara was sad and mostly slept each day wich made her think about her life, purpose in life. Sara wanted to help as much as she could and thought that the combine were just trying to make less murder by building citys.
    As a citizen of City 18 she wanted to become a civil protection unit. So she went down to the nexus and asked how to become one but they weren't accepting applications yet, as they had enough units. But right after the Unit infront of her said we have enough units,
    Sarah heard a explosion outside and was hearing death all throughout the units radio. the Unit told Sara to stay put and ran outside out of sight torwards the explosion. About a hour passed and Sara was getting bored, the Unit finally came back and he had dust on his uniform,
    then he started to run towards Sara, he was going to detain her. after a day in detainment they were going to relocate her to another city, wich Sara still didn't know what she did to get relocated or detained.
    When Sara got relocated she would try to accept the fact she was not going to become a MPF Unit, but she eventually tried to apply again, wich this city accepted, since they were low on Units.

    How long have you been playing on serious RP servers?: For a year+ HL2RP is my favorite game mode.

    How long have you been playing on OUR server: About a week.

    IC Information:

    Name: Sara Hunter
    Age: 27
    Gender: Female.
    Hair Colour: Brown
    Weight: 120
    Height: 5'8
    Eye Colour: Blue
    Ethnicity(Skin Colour): White.
    Distinguishable Features(Scars etc...): Tattoo of a heart on her breast.

    Have you ever been arrested by the MPF? If so, why?: No I have only been told to Isolate.

    Explain your reason for joining the MPF: I want to serve the Union and help out as being a citizen I can only help out by doing my part.

    What do you expect to gain from joining the MPF?: I hope to become a better loyalist than I am now, I hope to meet the Generals and much more.

    What are your strong points?(Experiences): I have am able to fix broken cars, I was a great engineer in my past.

    What are your weak points? I cannot sprint that long, But training should help me out in that part.
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    Mag's MPF Application. Empty Re: Mag's MPF Application.

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    You don't have the required 5 posts.
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    Mag's MPF Application. Empty Re: Mag's MPF Application.

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    +/- I am Neutral because it was and good app just not the required five posts. Better luck next time.

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    Mag's MPF Application. Empty Re: Mag's MPF Application.

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    Mag's MPF Application. Empty Re: Mag's MPF Application.

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