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    <::Welcome to the MPF\::> Empty <::Welcome to the MPF::>

    Post by Noobish Alworkshop on Tue Mar 25, 2014 10:48 pm

    Congratulations, if you are reading this that means you have been accepted into the MPF. You will start as a recruit or RCT and work your way up.
    Here is a list of all of the ranks.
    Recruit (RCT)- The newly-enlisted personnel of the MPF, they are given no firearms, having to make due with a stun stick. As they are forbidden to leave on patrol, their days consist mainly of basic training from superior officers and the ever-unpopular Ration Duty.

    05- The first rank of enlisted, the 05 is issued a stun stick and a 9mm and is given permission to patrol the streets without the authority of superiors. You will have to join a division to become a 05.

    04- Congratulations, clearly your DvL sees some potential in you. You will have a little bit more power.

    03- The 03 has been promoted due to evidence of leadership qualities, and now holds authority similar to a Corporal in a real-world military. You will now have the right to carry a MP7. You will under go brainwashing.

    02- The equivalent of a Sergeant in the real-world military, the 02 has been chosen due to exceptional leadership qualities and an evident lack of empathy for the citizen populace. As such, they are given command of full squads of 3-4 lower-ranking MPF officers, and are tasked with securing and patrolling up to 5 city block's worth of area.

    01- The highest rank of Enlisted in the MPF, they are tasked with running the peacekeeping of the city streets on a typical, orderly day. They are therefore the highest rank usually you will normally see in public unless a crisis of some sort is occurring.

    Officer (OfC)- The highest rank most Civil Protection officers can ever hope to achieve, they are the lowest rank capable of ordering house-to-house raids or any actions that can possibly result in dangerous or life-threatening situtations

    Elite Protection Unit (EpU)- The first rank of commissioned officer in the MPF, the EPU represents the pinnacle of Civil Protection prowess and ability, holding an extreme deal of loyalty to the Combine's cause. They would be the act as Divisonal Leader when the normal Divisional is away.

    Divisional Leader (DvL)- The commander of a Division within the MPF, they are extremely specialized in the area in which they control and are particularly well-suited to the task of leadership.

    Commander (CmD)- The commander of all civil protection units when a Sectorial Commander is not on-duty.

    Sectorial Commander (SeC)- The single most powerful individual in the city, he is the leader of and head of all MPF officers in their sector (city). They alone have the ability to call in strikes of Headcrab Canisters or order the deployment of the OTA. Due to their high value to the city's order, they usually never leave the Nexus for fear of being targeted.

    Once you reach the enlisted ranks you will have to join a division; here is a list of all of the divisions:
    NOVA- Riot Unit
    JURY- Interrogation/ Punishment
    HELIX- Medical Unit
    APEX- Mechanics
    REAPER- Intelligence
    GHOST- Sniper Unit
    DAGGER- Slums Unit
    SWORD- Protection Unit



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