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    Denton "Cerberus" Shilverstone


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    Denton "Cerberus" Shilverstone Empty Denton "Cerberus" Shilverstone

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    Denton       Shilverstone


    Denton "Cerberus" Shilverstone 1556002-cerberus_tattoo

    Age: Thirty Four years old

    Hair Colour: Brown

    Distinguishing Marks: None

    Alignment: Self Benefiting "Rebel"

    Pre-War Occupation(s): M1-6 Agent, Black Hat Hacker

    Facial Hair:Light Stubble

    Sexuality: Indifferent "There's no time for pleasantries"

    Character Relations

    Korzov Cerberus Vozrok Status: MIA, Co-Director of the Sentinel Program

    William Zeta Squire Status: Dead, Lead Field Agent (Sentinel Program), deceased during covert operations within the "Red Hand".

    General of the Red Dragon Militia.: Relations in progress..... possible benefactor.... Status: ▓LOCKED▓

    Denton "Cerberus" Shilverstone 1556002-cerberus_tattoo

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