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    Post by JackTheRipper on Thu Jun 19, 2014 3:53 pm

    OOC Information:

    Steam Name:JackTheRipper

    Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:54602430

    What country do you live in: USA

    How old are you: 17

    What is your time zone (USE GMT + or -): Pacific Time Zone

    What do you think we expect from you in the MPF (OOCly): A fun experience, with lots of enjoyable role-play.

    Any role-play experience in the MPF from previous servers, if so, what ranks?: Yes, I have been MPF a ton of times, and the highest rank I've been is DvL and SeC

    What has been your favorite RP scenario on our server?: I haven't really had a "favorite rp scenario"

    Give a role-play example between a group of MPF members:
    /it The Units are pinned down by the crossfire from rebels
    Union 02: "Helix."
    Helix 04: "Yes, sir?"
    Union 02: " 550 was hit with a large piece of scrap metal, I need you break cover and sprint over to his position, I will provide covering fire."
    Helix 04: /me gulps then responding "Yes, sir, tell me when to run."
    Union 02: "Copy....1.....2....3! MOVE UNIT!"
    Union 02: /me pops up from cover, raising MP7 and firing off covering fire for Helix."
    Helix 04: /me would keep ducked down, running over to 550's position, then sliding behind the barricade
    Union 05 (505): /me coughs a bit, looking over to the Helix "Hello Helix."
    Union 05: /me moves arm, revealing a piece of sharp scrap metal, about 2 inches wide jammed in the upper chest (ribs)
    Helix 04: "Alright, how deep is it?"
    Union 05: "I think like..3 inches deep..fuck."
    Helix 04: "Shit, I'm not taking that out, you'll bleed out.."
    Union 05: "Fuck, then what do we do?"

    Give a role-play example between a MPF member and an anti-citizen:
    Grid 03: /me unholsters 9mm , flicking the safety off and raising it to eye-level
    Francis: /me would attempt to grab the units wrist
    Grid 03: /roll (rolls a 34)
    Francis: /roll (rolls a 91)
    Francis: /me grabs the unit's wrist, then flicking his wrist and turning it
    Grid 03: /me yells out, the 9mm pointing up into the air and he bending back in pain
    Grid 03: /me would attempt to kick Francis in the knee
    Grid 03: /roll (rolls a 67)
    Francis: /roll (rolls an 83)
    Francis: /me moves leg, dodging the kick, then twisting wrist even farther
    Grid 03: /me yelps in pain
    Francis: /me would use other hand to attempt to pull 9mm from his hand
    Grid 03: /me attempts to turn wrist, and point the gun at Francis
    Francis: /roll (rolls 5)
    Grid 03: /roll (rolls a 94)
    /it The gun points at Francis
    Francis: /me attempts to move head in time

    Do you agree that if you are told to stop playing as your MPF character when told, and move to citizen or vice versa, you must do it or you will be unwhitelisted?(When you agree, it means you agree without question): I agree

    Do you understand that the MPF is a disciplined organization and it will require you to remain mature and disciplined OOCly and ICly while flagged up on the MPF?: Yes

    Do you understand that the MPF follows a chain of command and will require all units to obey their superiors (includes admins) OOCly and ICly while flagged up and strictly follow the chain of command?: Yes

    What is your character's backstory (3 Paragraphs minimum):
    I, Marcus Devin, was born to a poor family. We lived in a small house in the ghetto. My older sister, Julia always watched over me and protected me. My mom made money from pole-dancing, but spent some of it on heroin. My father was unemployed and spent most of his time on drugs.
    When I turned 15 I got in a fight with a kid at school, I beat the shit out of him after school, but little did I know his older brother ran the local gang. I didn't have many friends at school, I got grades like B's usually. I was better in sports. I played on the football team, I wrestled, and played basketball. I was 16 when my sister was killed, it was the local gang, they drove by and shot her, in front of out house.
    Not to long after y sister's death my mother OD'd on heroin. I packed all my clothes and my knife and left home. I rode a bus to a town a few miles away. I lived in an abandoned Motel. I got a job at a local store. I was eight-teen when the combine invaded. I finally had a place to live. It was better then my old life, it wasn't a struggle to survive everyday.

    How long have you been playing on serious RP servers?: Over 3 years

    How long have you been playing on OUR server: a few days

    IC Information:

    Name: Marcus Devin
    Age: 26
    Gender: Male
    Hair Colour: Black
    Weight: 180
    Height: 6'0
    Eye Colour: Green
    Ethnicity(Skin Colour): White
    Distinguishable Features(Scars etc...): Small cut scar on bottom lip

    Have you ever been arrested by the MPF? If so, why?: No.

    Explain your reason for joining the MPF: To protect the innocent.

    What do you expect to gain from joining the MPF?: Hopefully protection and some kind of living.

    What are your strong points?(Experiences): Hand-to-Hand Combat, firearms, running

    What are your weak points? Writing and math.
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    Good app.

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