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    The loyalist system

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    The loyalist system Empty The loyalist system

    Post by Noobish Alworkshop on Tue Jun 24, 2014 2:53 pm

    <:: Point Earning(s) ::>

    <::One Loyalist Point::>
    -Reporting level one violations
    -Turning over level one contraband
    -Work Cycle (Depending on job)
    -Assisting Civil Workers in small task

    <::Two Loyalist Point::>
    -Reporting level two violations
    -Turning over level two contraband
    -Assisting a unit in need
    -Work Cycle (Depending on job)

    <::Three Loyalist Point::>
    -Reporting level three violations
    -Turning over level three contraband
    -Laying your life in danger for a unit or a loyalist
    -Turning aside high valuable information

    <::Five Loyalist Point::>
    -Placing your life in danger for a High command unit or high priority citizen

    <::Ten Loyalist Point::>
    -Placing your life in danger to save the City Commander
    Green : 5
    Red: 10
    Blue : 20
    Black : 35
    Pink : 40
    Gold : 60
    Green : Known as a loyalist
    Red : All previous, Two rations per cycle
    Blue : All previous, three rations per cycle (High protein rations), You will be called Mr. or Miss. or called by your first name or loyalist, You cannot be re-educated. You can only be knocked out in detainment if a high command allows it.
    Black : All previous, loyalist uniform, Four rations per cycle (Meat inside and High protein)
    Pink : All previous, Five rations per cycle
    Gold : All previous, called Mr. or Miss. Supreme Loyalist , Seven rations per cycle
    Medal of Valor : All previous, can't be amputated , called Mr. or Miss. Valor , twenty rations per cycle ( Full meat and Special Breens water)

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