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    Abegail Brooks - Personal Data File


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    Abegail Brooks - Personal Data File Empty Abegail Brooks - Personal Data File

    Post by Gerby on Sat May 31, 2014 7:31 pm

    Abegail Brooks - Personal Data File 9k=

    Basic Information

    Name: Abegail Brooks

    Known Aliases: Abby

    Hair Colour: Blonde

    Eye Colour: Vibrant Green

    Age: Twenty-Four Years of Age.

    Last-Known-City: City Fourty-Five.

    Pre-War Occupation: Nurse.

    Pre-War Birthplace: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

    Known Languages: English, French, Russian, Ukrainian.

    Distinct Features: Birthmark on neck; vibrant green eyes; long blonde hair; scar on lower stomach; butterfly belly-button piercing.

    Current Allegience: Citizen.

    Sexuality: Openly bisexual.

    Facial Hair: N/A.

    Faction Relations

    Combine/UU :: Neutral - They did all of this, but was it a bad thing? They took away all the people I loved, but did they really love me?

    Rebellion :: Respected - I've never met them, but I like how they think. They're fighting for our freedom in a war they know they'll never win; respectable.

    Citizens :: Fucking Vegetables - Despite the fact I'm one of them ~ sadly ~ I can't stand them and their shit. Their vegetables, unable to think freely. Someone fucking shut them up.

    Civil Worker's Union :: Worse Than Citizens - They're like potatoes, unable to think freely. They're like bad telemarketers, bugging you no matter where you go. Leave me alone, and get out of my face.

    Character Relations

    No known friends; currently completely alone in the city, due to having just transferred.

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