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    Post by UltimateRuffles08 on Fri Jun 13, 2014 4:44 pm

    Basic Information

    Name: David Johansen

    Known Aliases: Dave

    Hair Colour: Mate Black

    Eye Colour: Green

    Age: Thirty (30)

    Last-Known-City: City Fourty-Five.

    Pre-War Occupation: N/A

    Pre-War Birthplace: Montreal, Canada

    Known Languages: English, French, Spanish, Arabic.

    Distinct Features: Scar to the left arm and the left leg, hard facial expression with another scar running from the bottom of the left eye, crossing over the mouth and ending at the base of the chin. Tall and very well built with broad shoulders.

    Current Allegience: MPF, even thought he is a Citizen

    Sexuality: Heterosexual

    Facial Hair: N/A.

    Faction Relations

    Combine/UU :: Loyalist - They are the new power. They bring peace and order to this world.

    Rebellion :: Disgusted - I have already seen rebels, and I've already killed them. They are nothing but anarchy and chaos, seeking to destabilize the new order.

    Citizens :: Neutral - I am part of their community, but that does not mean that I enjoy it or hate it.

    Civil Worker's Union :: Worthless - They are worthless, a waste of space and air. I could honestly shoot one of them and not regret it afterwards.

    Character Relations

    Does not mix with the Citizens therefore no one. Is known by a certain number of MPF officers.

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