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    Mr.Wub's Application


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    Mr.Wub's Application Empty Mr.Wub's Application

    Post by Mr.Wubbins on Fri May 02, 2014 8:48 pm

    Steam Name:Mr.Wub™

    Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:55251037

    What country do you live in:United States

    How old are you:14

    What is your time zone (USE GMT + or -):Eastern time.

    What do you think we expect from you in the MPF (OOCly):Not to metagame,Minge and not to random kill.

    Any roleplay experience in the MPF from previous servers, if so, what ranks?:Yes, I have been MPF on previous servers and my rank was Union 03.

    What has been your favorite RP scenario on our server?:I was in the Plaza as my Rebel character, a fellow Rebel had Judge at gunpoint. I jogged over and then Dagger got involved and we ended up taking Judge as hostage.
    then an OTA Unit came to the location and there was a gunfight resultin in the deash of the OTA.

    Give a roleplay example between a group of MPF members:: I was with a couple of Unit's, I was speaking with them about the recent battle between the Rebelion and the Universal Union.
    Sectorial showed up and said what are you unit's talking about, we replied as of saying we are speaking of the current attack from the Rebelion.

    Give a roleplay example between a MPF member and an anti-citizen:I was on Patrol, as i was walking near the slums i saw an Anti Citizen approach me. He started shouting disrespectful words then he attemted to pull out a gun.
    I drew my sidearm and fired a shot into the Anti Citizens leg. I proceeded to ditain him and then a judge interrogated him.

    Do you agree that if you are told to stop playing as your MPF character when told, and move to citizen or vice versa, you must do it or you will be unwhitelisted?(When you agree, it means you agree without question):I agree.

    Do you understand that the MPF is a disciplined organisation and it will require you to remain mature and disciplined OOCly and ICly while flagged up on the MPF?:I understand.

    Do you understand that the MPF follows a chain of command and will require all units to obey their superiors (includes admins) OOCly and ICly while flagged up and strictly follow the chain of command?:I understand.

    What is your character's backstory (3 Paragraphs minimum):Kyle's life was relativly normal as a kid, He grew up in a home with no siblings. Kyle's parents got divorced when he was 11 years old, after that Kyle had changed.
    He became a outcast. kyle locked himself in his room for the rest of his childhood. after the divorce, Kyle felt that he needed a porpous in life. He dicided that when he was old enough he would join the Combine like his father.

    Kyle had been living in City 17 all his life, but one day a man he had never seen before walked up to him. The man said "Hi, Im Dave I lead on organization called the Rissistance." Kyle ran away from Dave because he feared that he would be grouped with the rebels.
    Kyle trained in his appartment for weeks, saving his rations and building alittle muscle. Kyles dream in his mind was going to come true. Kyle went to the nexus on Apply Day to apply for Civil Protection. But sadly he was denied.

    Kyle had been in city 17 for 18 years when one day all citizens where ordered to report to the plaza.The Sectorial announced the citizens that where being transferred. Then Kyle was devastated to hear his ID number called.
    That day he was separated from his mother and never saw them again. After that Kyle developed a hatred for the Rissistance, he knew it was their fault that he got transferred. Kyle began to self train again, but he couldnt build any muscle because he was being malnurished at city 18.
    He dicided  that he would again apply for Civil Protection like his father, the second time he was accepted. to his dissapointment he later found out that his father was killed by a headcrab and became a zombie. Kyle was dissapointed and know that he had to make a name for himself and live up to new expectations.
    How long have you been playing on serious RP servers?:2 months

    How long have you been playing on OUR server:4 Days.

    IC Information:

    Name:Kyle Harris
    Hair Colour:black
    Eye Colour:Blue
    Ethnicity(Skin Colour): White
    Distinguishable Features(Scars etc...): Scar on left cheek

    Have you ever been arrested by the MPF? If so, why?: no

    Explain your reason for joining the MPF:I wish to protect the peace and the Citizens

    What do you expect to gain from joining the MPF?:I expect to get a reason to live my life

    What are your strong points?(Experiences):I am very loyal and i had a MPF unit as close family i can also handle a weapon.

    What are your weak points?Interogation, Dealing with suicidal Citizens.
    Noobish Alworkshop
    Noobish Alworkshop
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    Mr.Wub's Application Empty Things to fix

    Post by Noobish Alworkshop on Sat May 03, 2014 12:00 pm

    1) You had to be 18 when the combine came, otherwise you were killed
    2) For the examples please give an example of roleplay that would happen In-Game (With /me's rolls etc..)(Please try and make it around 20 lines NOT including rolls)
    3) While your backstory is longer it lacks quality. You only briefly mention things that are worth elaborating on
    While you are a good RPer this app still needs MAJOR work.
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    Mr.Wub's Application Empty Re: Mr.Wub's Application

    Post by General cupcake on Thu Jun 26, 2014 3:55 pm

    Good luck on your next app.

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    Mr.Wub's Application Empty Re: Mr.Wub's Application

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