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    Kevin's Staff application. :)


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    Kevin's Staff application. :) Empty Kevin's Staff application. :)

    Post by Kevin on Mon Jun 30, 2014 1:23 am

    (By warnings I meen kicking them)

    Name: Kevin

    Age: 14

    Where you ever admin on another server?

    Yes, I have been an staff member on another server in fact I own a server now.

    What do you do if some one is RDMing?

    You would first send a warning out to him if he doesn't stop then I would take his weapon away but then if he begins again then I would ban him for 24 hours.

    What do you do if some one was on there OTA with out being woken up?

    You would first give them a verbal warning, but if they do it again and start to RP you would kick them, if he then get's online and gets on him and starts RP again then you would ban him for about 30 minutes.

    What would you do if 2 players where fighting over rolls about getting punched in the face and how would you settle it.

    If 2 player where fighting over rolls then I would tell them to void the situation but if they continue I would separate both of them and would talk to them both about the situation and there different stories that i'm sure are BS then I would pick one that I think is the most predictable then I would and set them of with a warning and remember what happened if they continue to argue over it then I would ban both of them for about 30 minutes or less depending on the scenario.

    What do you do if another admin was abusing his/her power (Example: Spawning in guns and all that)?

    If I where an operator then I would let a higher staff member about it.
    If I where an admin and he/she was an operator then I would give him a warning if continue it would end up in a Superadmin's hands because I couldn't do anything about it.
    If I where a Superadmin then I would send them off with a warning if continued I would demote them then if continued then I would demote again and ban for around 24 hours.

    Why do you want to become staff on our server?

    I want to become staff on the server because I feel that I could help alot ect.

    Why should we choose your app from others who submitted them?

    You guys should chose my application because first I own a server that is full everyday second because I know what i'm doing third because i'm a good RPer and know the lore.  lol! 

    Why do you think you have what it takes to be a admin on our server?

    Because I know how to be a good staff member and I don't really get that pissed at people and I'm a good person. I believe I have what it takes if I ran a server successfully.

    Who recommended you to do this app? No one but I took the effort of making the application because I thought I could help out.  clown 

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    Kevin's Staff application. :) Empty Re: Kevin's Staff application. :)

    Post by Kehmicle on Thu Jul 03, 2014 8:30 pm

    I would love to know about your server which is full every day.


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